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Club News

Carnival Senior Tournament

Wednesday of Carnival week saw many of us battling with each other, holiday makers and formidable former members for the coveted Senior Tennis title.

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Carnival Junior Tournament

It's Carnival time again and time to host the Junior and Senior tennis tournaments. This year saw a host of different ages and abilities taking part in the junior event with eager parents watching on from the balcony.

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Calling all team players!!

We could really do with someone on each team to upload the results of their matches onto the website. At the moment only a few of the teams have their results published and it would be great to get a picture of what is going on with all teams. If you don't feel you can do this then just text or email the results to Sam who will put them on.

Carnival Thanks

Thank you to  Oscar, Riley, Thomas, Adam, Ruby, Gabey, Isaac, Nicky,  Diana, Deborah, David, Olly and Gay who braved the inclement weather to represent the club during the carnival procession. Particular thanks to Gay for coping with all the last minute re-arrangements.

It turned out to be a really enjoyable event and one that raises the profile of the club. Well done all.

From the Sofa

Junior Awards

On Sat 11th of July, Nathan held his annual Junior awards for all the children he coaches throughout the week. 15 children turned up for fun games, refreshments and a review of their progress. All of the children received a well deserved medal and an appraisal from their coach. Well done to all of the children and to Nathan for organising this great event