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Nathan's Tournament

Friday 7th April was Nathan's last day as coach of our club.


To celebrate his time with us, the Ladies came together for a fun doubles event.

Twenty ladies competed (well 19 and a left handed Nathan) in comedy pairings. The couples were of mixed ability but there were a couple of pairing that challenged for victory.

In one pool French and Saunders (Ann T and Linda H) were strong from the start. In the other  - Little and Large (Deborah and Philomena) were vying for top spot against Bill and Ben (Janice and left handed Nathan).

Although a final was planned, lunch was beckoning and so the pairing with the most games was crowned the winner - French and Saunders grabbed victory by just one game over Little and Large!

An incredible lunch was enjoyed on the balcony. It was a fantastic day and  a fitting end to Nathan's time with us. We will all miss you Nathan....good luck with everything!

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