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A very enjoyable Christmas Party

Once again Tawnys provided the venue for the Club's Christmas party, and over fifty members had a very enjoyable event, organised brilliantly by Pat Weller, supported by the social committee.

This year Pat had devised four (count them - four!) fun quizzes to keep the diners on their mettle, of which the "truth or lie" quiz exposed many unknown facts about our members lives!  Of course as is so often the case, truth is stranger than fiction, and we found out some facts that will not be repeated here, to protect the guilty, but which involved exposure of bodily parts, Sporty Spice, the Queen Mum, Thai sea gypsies and all sorts of boat-related activity.  Probably the most popular truth was by a certain lady (who runs a lot) who once dumped a Baked Alaska on her husband's head. It would  not be fair to name names, but it begins with Ham and ends with ish. Probably something that has tempted many of us.

All in all, a very friendly and laughter-packed evening.  Well done Pat!

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