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A Mixed Weekend for Our Teams

It was a busy weekend for the mixed teams!

Mixed 1

The Mixed 1 kicked off a fixture packed couple of days at home against Ferndown's 2nd team on a gloriously sunny Saturday at the beginning of the Easter holidays.

Deborah Miller and Gordon Wallis struggled to come to terms with the hard hitting first Ferndown pair who favoured a serve and volley game that suits the new astro surface. The second set was more competitive and the Swanage pair matched Ferndown game for game until conceding victory at 5:7.

Deborah and Gordon faired better against the Ferndown's second pair claiming the second set to force a match tie-break. Sadly our team found it hard to get on the board lost this second rubber.

Diana Dyer and Mike Angell also took a while to engage with their opponents in their first rubber. They did come back to claim more games in the second set but couldn't do enough to really worry the opposition.

The first pair proved too strong for Di and Mike who failed to get involved in the second rubber.


Mixed 2

The Mixed 2 travelled to Winton on and equally beautiful spring day.

Jamie and Sam found the high bounce from the hard courts difficult to adjust to but managed to take the first set 6;4 before losing focus in the second and letting Winton charge to a 4:1 lead. The Swanage pair regained composure to come back to 3:4 but the Winton pair were more consistent with shots and took the set.

A match tie-break was to decide the first rubber and Swanage took and early lead and were able to maintain  it throughout. The atmosphere of the game changed slightly due to some questioned line calls, but Sam and Jamie took the match 10:4.

The first Swanage pair went on to cruise through their second match - winning it 6:2, 6:0.

On the next court, Paul Marchant and Georgina Thomas were playing well. Paul's powerful shots pushed opponents beyond the service line and Georgina's wide serve was on form. The Swanage pair took the first rubber 6:3, 6:2.

Despite continuing to play well, Georgie and Paul found the Winton first pair tricky. Desmond's shots were ambitious and when they came off - were hard to counter. Leslie's consistency was impressive and this combination proved too much for Swanage. Paul and Georgie lost 6:4, 6:1.

Between them, the team had racked up enough rubbers to take victory!


Mixed 3

The mixed 3 travelled to Saint Sebastian in the heart of Bournemouth on Sunday morning. Harry, who was playing only his second game for the club was with Helen in the first pairing. Isaac, playing his first match with the mixed 3 was paired with Annie.

The first pair started the match very well, winning the first set 6-3 on a garish blue and green court before finishing off the Saint Sebastian second pair in the second set 6-4 to give Swanage's first pair a two set victory in almost perfect tennis weather.

While the first pair were victorious against Saint Sebastian's second pair, Swanage's second pair struggled a bit more against the first pairing of their opposition. They went down 5-1 before recovering to make the score 5-4, only for Saint Sebastian to win the set 6-4. This match was played on a court in a much worse condition than the brightly coloured court one at Saint Sebastian, as it had weeds and tufts of grass growing out of it.

A problem that both pairs found difficult to adapt to was the minimal amount of space between the baseline and the edge of the doubles side line, the distance only being less than two metres, which made returning shots with topspin to the back of the court, which Saint Sebastian's man in their first pair specialised in, extremely hard.

In the Swanage first pair's second match, they lost 2 sets to 0 with a game that involved an incredible amount of deuces which took around 25 minutes to finish, however it wasn't Swanage who prevailed in this marathon game, leading Harry and Helen to eventually lose to the opposition's first pair.

Despite that lengthy game between the two first pairings, the two second pairings ended up having a longer match. Isaac and Annie, didn't manage to pick up any sets, losing the first set on a tiebreak and the second game 7-5.

Despite losing the match, it was actually the closest the mixed 3 had come to winning since they were formed and also playing against a mixed team from Saint Sebastian.


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