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On Home Turf at Last!

After many seasons travelling over to David Lloyd in Ringwood, our Ladies' 1 team welcomed their familiar rivals.

So unfamiliar is Swanage to the visitors, they managed to get very lost on the way - travelling via Dorchester from Ringwood which resulted in a late start for all.

The first pairing of Deborah Miller and Linda Wallis got off to a great start in their first rubber against a competent veteran and a hard hitting teenage opponent. The Swanage pair took the first set 6:3 but let David Lloyd come back and take control of the second set which then led to a match tie-break.

Momentum switched back to favour Swanage who secured the first rubber.

Sam Christmas and Sue Tindale were engaged in a tentative match on court 2. Swanage got an early lead and were in a dominant position at 4:1 when their was dispute over the game score. This was resolved but the Swanage pair had lost their focus, allowing David Lloyd to creep back up to level pegging. The first set was decided by a tie-break in which the Swanage side led throughout and eventually claimed.

Sam and Sue faced the second set with a little more confidence and determination. Again they took an early lead 3-0 before letting the opposition creep a little closer again. Swanage got into their stride and took the second set 6:3 and claimed the rubber.

After sitting out for some time, Deborah and Linda were back in action against the second pairing. The first set proved trickier than the second for the Swanage pair but they managed a comfortable win 6:4, 6:1.

Sue and Sam were pushed hard by the David Lloyd first pair. Despite having very good rallies and serving well, David Lloyd were the superior side and won the rubber 6:2, 6:2.

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