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Match Reports

A Tough Match (Ladies 1)

Diana had a difficult call to make on the morning of the Ladies 1 match against Corfe Mullen. It had been raining throughout the night and was still drizzling at 9 but the decision was made to play.

Deborah Miller/Jo Kiddell took on the Corfe Mullen's first pairing who proved to be a tricky couple, well able to slice and spin the ball. On a windy day this made the reading of the ball even more difficult. However Deborah and Jo have the calibre to be able to overcome most opposition and found ways to combat the unpredictable conditions and shots they faced - winning 6:4,6:3. They went on to claim an easier victory in their second match. 6:3,6:1.

Meg Mutter and Sam Christmas encountered a close battle on another court. The Corfe Mullen second pairing were strong, one player in particular seemed to be able to take control at the net and make passing shots difficult. The Swanage pair played well to gain the first set 6:4 and had to dig deep to do the same in the second, winning again at 6:4.

The weather threatened to break and the Corfe Mullen first pair looked keen to make their trip to Swanage worthwhile as they faced Sam and Meg.  Meg played well, pushing Corfe Mullen into the trams with her pacey and accurate forehands and this helped Swanage to take the first set 7:5. The second commenced after three hours of play and proved to be a battle of fitness and concentration.  Meg and Sam faced a set tie-break which they lost and then found themselves without momentum in a match tie break. Swanage failed to take control of the tie-break and lost out to a more consistent pair.

But Swanage had done enough to gain a 3:1 victory in terms of rubbers. A competitive and enjoyable match for both sides and another good win for Swanage!

A Comfortable Win for the Men

The Men's Team headed over to Corfe Mullen on Weds evening (27th May) and found they were able to gain a comfortable win.

Andy Moore and Mike Angell won both of their rubbers and Gordon Wallis and Jeff Veale won one of two.

The men had done enough to secure a victory and put them two points clear at the top of their division after 3 matches.

Men sweep Sway away

The men's team ventured all the way to Sway on Sunday the 3rd of May.

Nathan and Jeff had a great day out winning their matches without breaking a sweat - 6:2, 6:1 and then 6:0, 6:0.

Graham and Jamie were equally impressive winning 6:3, 6:1 and then 6:2, 6:4.

A great win 4-0 rubbers!

Twilight victory in Lymington

The Mixed 2 team, Graham Ward/Sam Christmas and Helen Knight/Jamie McDonald travelled to Lymington on a warm Wednesday evening. Their hosts arrived and certainly looked the part! During the warm up Lymington looked impressive with big, swinging serves and a host of shots.

Sam and Graham first took on a strong Lymington first pair who had power, speed and style. It took a really concentrated effort from Swanage to win the points but this they did, gaining the first set. Lymington continued to impress but sometimes lacked the consistency and this, as well as Graham's excellent shot selection, speed and accuracy led to Swanage gaining the match. 6:4, 6:3.

Meanwhile on an adjoining court, Helen and Jamie were battling against Lymington's second pair, again strong opposition, Lymington proved a tough side with serves spinning out wide into the side netting and aggressive forehands aimed straight at the net player. Helen and Jamie held their own in the first but but couldn't do quite enough to secure the set, losing it 5:7. Despite excellent service games from Jamie, Swanage couldn't quite do enough to come back in the second and lost out. 4:6.

Sam and Graham experienced the same difficulties against the second pairing but found that by this time Lymington were really struggling to find consistency, making frequent errors when serving and other shots. Swanage took advantage of the situation and secured a convincing win 6:2, 6:2.

Helen and Jamie seemed determined to gain a win and swept Lymington's first pair aside in the first set securing a 6:3 result. Lymington fought back to gain the second 4:6 forcing a match tie-break. Each point was hard fought as both sides were feeling the effects of being in their 5th set of the evening. Lymington just managed to gain the vital points to claim the match 11:9.

The results were close but that first set win for Helen and Jamie was decisive in securing Swanage a very fine victory 5:4 sets against a dangerous Lymington side.

Mixed Teams are looking Good

Swanage’s mixed teams have made a confident start to the summer season.

The Mixed 1 team hosted familiar rivals Virgin Active at home on Saturday knowing that they would have to put up a fight to gain points from this meeting. Jo Kiddell and Andy Mutter fought hard to gain the first set from a fresh faced and ambitious first pair who then took the second. It was 6:4, 4:6 and so a match tie-break was to decide the fate of this rubber. The more experienced Swanage pair took control and claimed the first win.

Jo and Andy, buoyant from their win went on to dominate their second match: winning 6:2, 6:2.

Swanage’s second pair, Meg Mutter and Mike Angell had a tricky start to the morning and failed to get a foothold in their first match which they lost 1;6, 1;6. This defeat seemed to make the pair determined to prove their calibre and they raised their games a notch or two as their dictated play in their second match, winning 6:3, 6:4.

The Mixed 2 team travelled all the way to Shaftesbury on Sunday morning to face a another youthful  team. Sam Christmas and Graham Ward managed to gain a swift and certain victory over Shaftesbury’s first pair, 6:0, 6:0 and were challenged slightly more in their second, winning 6:1, 6:3

Meanwhile on Court 2 , Helen Knight and Jamie McDonald were engaged in a game for game battle. The Swanage pair claimed the first set 7:5 and seemed to be cruising to victory in the second as they went up 3:0. Shaftesbury, determined to gain something from the meeting, fought back but Swanage eventually sealed victory at 6:4.

It was the same morning as the London Marathon and Jamie and Helen were facing something similar as they then went straight into another point by point, deuce laden match. The Shaftesbury first pair seemed to find their game and after each team securing a set, the match tie-break saw Shaftesbury claiming their only rubber. 

Both Mixed matches saw Swanage triumphant by 3 – 1 rubbers.