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Match Reports

December Match Report

St Leonards vs Swanage Ladies

On a cold and showery afternoon in December, Swanage Ladies ventured to St Leonard’s. The weather threatened throughout the matches and the teams experienced a mixture of showers, bright sunshine and frequent rainbows. The meet was to be a tough one for the visitors having to play on an unfamiliar surface of wet astro - which can make the balls heavy and low.

St Leonard’s team consisted of two pairs who were equally competent and proved to be a challenge for the Swanage Ladies.

Swanage’s first pair of Jo Kiddell and Deborah Miller had a close first match, being taken to a tie-break after winning the first set comfortably 6:2 but losing the second, 4:6. The Swanage pair won the tie-break then marched home in their second match to gain a 6:2, 6:3 win.

Meanwhile, Sam Christmas and Meg Mutter, Swanage’s second pair were engaged in two very close matches. The wet surface proved to be an issue as Sam Christmas spent a good deal of time sliding and slipping at the back of the court. Despite this, the pair were able to cling onto vital points and gained victory in both of their matches, winning their second match in a set tie-break. This sealed a 4:0 win to Swanage and has placed them at the top of their division after two games.

Swanage Men vs Shaftesbury

The weather was also an issue for the Men’s team who hosted Shaftesbury at home on the 3rd Jan. Wind and rain made every point a battle and the sun failed to shine on Swanage’s fortunes. Swanage’s first pairing of Mike Angell and Graham Ward won their first but lost their second. Jeff Veale and Jamie McDonald fought hard but lost both of their matches. Shaftesbury won 3:1 rubbers.